Indiana is located in the humid subtropical climate region, characterized by temperate winters; warm summers; and rainfall that is fairly evenly distributed through the year. However, the state is subject to periods of both drought and some flood. The climate rarely seems to bring "average" conditions.

Indiana Climate office

Normal mean annual temperatures are 62F. Low temperatures have dropped to 19F below zero while high temperatures have reached as high as 104F with 94F over 30 days each year. More typical would be the 220 days Indiana averages with sunshine. This allows few weather related interruptions of business operations.

West Central Indiana currently meets all federal clean-air standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In other words, the region is currently an "attainment area". The West Central region works to distinguish itself from others and provide an edge in a very competitive battle for national and international commerce. This unique strength is an invitation to businesses looking to expand or relocate to look at the greater West Central Indiana region closely.

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